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I Have How Many Grandparents!!!

I’m back….

not that anyone noticed that I was gone. I haven’t written anything since March but today is the day. I decided that I needed a list of grandparents to help with DNA matches and rather than write it down on paper, that I will no doubt lose, I’d put it here for safe keeping. I think that this will also help me find the empty branches in my tree. I am sure that I have not discovered all 2048 of my 9th great grandparents….wow. 


Common Ancestor


Great Grandparent
2nd Great Grandparent
3rd Great Grandparent
4th Great Grandparent
5th Great Grandparent
6th Great Grandparent
7th Great Grandparent
8th Great Grandparent
9th Great Grandparent

Ancestry provides me with a list of ‘cousin matches’ along with an estimate of how closely we are related. This can be tricky when one is from a place like West Virginia where the branches of the family tree often twist together. No…I don’t mean cousins marrying cousins (although that happens everywhere) but I mean that I’m related to many people in more than one way. For example my Granddaddy Taylor’s sister Cora married Holly Cobb. Holly Cobb was Grandmother Taylor’s uncle. Cora and Holly’s children are ‘double cousins’. They are first cousins once removed on Granddaddy’s side and first cousins twice removed on Grandmother’s side. So… cousin matches may appear closer than they are because of the amount of DNA we share comes from more than one ancestor. Another example is my Whitt line. Hezekiah Whitt is my paternal 5th great grandfather. Hezekiah’s brother Archibald Whitt is my maternal 5th great grandfather. Confusing….you bet!




Omer Martin Taylor
Reva Opal Cobb
Lewis Arthur Willard
Grace Mae Carnes
Great Grandparent
William James Taylor
Lucinda Westfall
Harley Bennet Cobb
Clora Casto
King Shadric Willlard
Nancy Jane Wilson
Levi Alvas Carnes
Mary Margaret Godby
2nd Great Grandparent
Charles W Taylor
Eliza Harper
Abraham Westfall
Mary Margaret Harper
Charles Harvey Cobb
Mary Susan Ray
David L. Casto
Melissa Jane Boothe
Henry Willard
Harriet Elizabeth Richards
Oliver Wilson
Permelia Rider
Arthur B Carnes
Harriet Sarah Pendell
Andrew M. Godby
Martha J Thurston
3rd Great Grandparent
Paternal 16/16
Maternal 10/16
Thomas Ewing Taylor
Mary Elizabeth ----
John A Harper
Rachel Taylor
Andrew A Westfall
Mary Elizabeth Hyre
Harrison Harper
Sarah Sally Charles
James Hiram Cobb
Miram Board
Zedekiah Ray
Lou Ellen Clatterbuck
John J. Casto
Gracey McDade
Charles Mathias Boothe
Rachel Webb
David Richards
Mary Hodges
--- Wilson
Henry Carnes
Jane Jarrett
Pliney L Pendell
Mary Pollard
William V. Godby
Rhonda Miller
Robert B. Thurstan
Nancy C Brown
4th Great Grandparent
Paternal  24/32
Maternal 11/32
James Harper
Agnes Birchfield
Elijah Taylor
Lydia Bishop
Zachariah Westfall
Hannah Woolf
George Charles
Christean Michael
Hewitt Cobb
Nancy Minerva Ashley
John William Board
Nancy Ann Parsons
Daniel Ray
Sarah Thomas
Wesley Clatterbuck
Sarah Watson
John Casto
Sarah Zervia (?)
James McDade
Rachel Tanner
Joseph Boothe
Jane Cromwell
Joseph Webb
Susanna Whitt

Shadrack Richards
Susannah Hamilton
Abednego Hodges
Sarah Keene
Isaac Jarrett
Mary Margaret Massie
John Pendell
Melinda Mack
Francis Marion Godby
Rhoda Whitt
Daniel Miller

5th Great Grandparent

Paternal  28/64
Maternal  11/64
Jonathan Birchfield
Lainey Peake
George Bishop
Nancy Anne Boothe
Samuel Taylor
Rebecca Patterson
Cornelius Westfall
Hans Michael Charles
Catherine ---
Fredrick Michael
Christina Maria Mathaci
William Cobb
Elizabeth Morrison
John Wiley Ashely
Mary Alford
Patrick Board
Mary Keyser
Charles Parsons
Nancy Ann Flesher
Thomas Ray
Annis Ballard
David Casto
Phoebe Gandy
Edward Tanner
Rachel ---
Hezekiah Whitt
Rachel Skaggs
Charles Cromwell
Stephen Boothe
Nancy Ann Crosby

James Jarrett
Elizabeth Griffey
Jeptha Massie
Mary Sowards
Elisha Pendell
Irena Boyton
William Godby
Suzannah ---
Archibald Whitt
Hannah Lowe
Edward Richards
Elizabeth Stuart
6th Great Grandparent
Paternal  16/128
Maternal  6/128
John Board
Ann Bryant
Jacob Keyser
William Parsons
Martha Hughs
Henry Flesher
Elizabeth Bush
Richard Whitt
Susannah Skaggs
Stephen Boothe
Ester Osborn
William Casto
Elizabeth Abbott
Thomas Gandy
Edward Tanner
Judith ---
William Godby
Richard Whitt
Susannah Skaggs
Benjamin Richards
James Robert Stuart
Mary Anne Lafferty

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