Monday, July 22, 2013

Not my Jane...

The death record for Jane Carnes arrived from the Putnam County IN Health Dept. Just as I thought, not my Jane. This Jane's maiden name was Durham not Jarrett. A little disappointing but now I know! Now I am wondering if this Jane Durham Carnes was married to one of my Carnes? That is a search for another day!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Where did Jane go...!!!!

I finally broke down and ordered the death record for the Jane Carnes that died in Indiana. That should be here sometime next week. I don’t have high hopes because I know that it may not contain enough info to be sure that it is my Jane.  In the mean time I have been looking for her kin that lived in Indiana.  I wish I could remember where/when I heard that little nugget of information, but I just can’t. Anyway, while looking I did find the following about Vincent Jarrett, Jane’s uncle:

Vincent Jarrett came here in 1878. He was a native of Virginia and the father of thirteen children, all living at the present time. He was active in church work and being a fine singer, he added much to the interest of meetings which he usually attended. He died nine years ago, but his widow still survives.  (Michigan Pioneer and Historical Society. (1902). Historical collections Vol XXXI. Lansing, Michigan: Wynkoop Hallenbeck Crawford Co. Pg 145; Goggle eBooks)

Nothing to do with Jane but it was kinda cool to learn that someone in my family could sing! 

Before moving to Michigan Vincent  lived in Wills, La Porte, Indiana. Wills, IN is about 185 miles from Greencastle where Indiana Jane died in 1889 about 2 years after Vincent died in Michigan. Vincent was in Michigan by 1880 but maybe he had children that married and settled in Indiana. I need to continue looking…. I got a little sidetracked, imagine that, when I discovered that one of Vincent’s daughters (Ada) died in Los Angeles, California, cool... I probably have cousins in LA!

The search for Jane continues….

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Random Info

I found a couple of obituaries earlier today that I think are of some Carnes kin. I don't have time to elaborate but I wanted to post them before I forget!

Mary Carnes Fox
Ealie Belle Carnes Oxley

Sorting out the Carnes

Several weeks ago I came across  two anniversary announcements and an obituary for a James Carnes that I found interesting. James C Carnes, according to clippings, came to the Joplin MO area as a young boy with is father Squire, a brother and a sister from western Kansas.. After a little research I found that the 'C' is for Clark, Clark was the name of Squire's brother and, as we know, the Carnes tend to use family names. Squire also had a brother named James. This James was born in 1873 so the time frame fits. This area is also near where Squire's brother was living in 1900. 

Here are links to images of the clippings.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Carnes Land in Kansas!

July 6, 2013
Dave and I took a trip 45 minutes north to Waterville, KS yesterday. I wanted to find some more information about Jane Jarrett Carnes and her sons that moved there in the late 1860’s. From records that I found earlier Isaac and Clark Carnes each purchased 160 acres of land located in Marshall County Kansas near Waterville in August 1868. Isaac and Catherine registered and sold the land 16 March 1877, this is a bit later than I thought and it also means that Alonzo Carnes was probably born in KS as I expected. Isaac bought a total of 160 acres of land but it was two ‘sections’ of 80 acres and this is how he sold the land. Eighty acres was sold to a John Peters for $450.00 and the remaining 80 acres was sold to a John Seih, also for $450.00. Both transactions took place on 16 March 1877 and were witnessed by Wm C Park and Charles Torly or Throly. The lady at the courthouse said that it was common to register and sale land on the same day. She showed us on the map where his property was likely located and Dave and I rode out to the location. The land is out a unpaved road (little tricky on a motorcycle) named Unicorn Road just outside of Waterville and backs up to the Washington County line. His brother Squire bought land in Washington and I am fairly sure that it was close to Isaac’s land.  The area is beautiful and is still all farm land.  

We were surprised to find a small cemetery, Kenyon Cemetery, along the road. The graves were quite old but the grass was mowed so someone takes care of the property. We did not find any Carnes graves but we did find the grave of John Sieh, one of the two buyers of the land.  A grave for a William Lowell Park was also there but following a Find a Grave link leads to a William Chester Park buried in another cemetery in nearby Waterville. Not sure if there is any connection to my Carnes but it was an interesting find and makes me feel that we were in the right place.  I need to take the time to look more closely at some of the other names to see if they were possibly neighbors. I’d also like to find a record of who all is buried in that cemetery because there were some obvious graves with no markers or markers that were in such bad condition that they could not be read.

I plan on going back to the courthouse to get the records for Clark Carnes property and to Washington County to get Squires. I also want to go to the Marshall County Historic courthouse that is now the county’s history museum. Although it is supposed to be open from 1-4 Monday – Friday it was closed when we were there yesterday. It was open when we drove by around 1:30 but after we had lunch it was closed. Frustrating, but it is run by volunteers and sometimes that is just how things go! 

Map of Marshall Couinty Kansas
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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Jane Jarrett Carnes timeline

Dave and I are going to make a trip to Waterville in Marshall County where my 3rd great-grandmother lived in the 1870’s. I hope that someone at the historical museum can shed some light on how they may have traveled from Charleston, WV to Waterville in the late 1860’s and the route that they may have taken. I’ve been researching about the area and although I knew that it was not easy living In Kansas in the 1800’s reading about some of the hardships they faced really make it seem more real.

Jane Jarrett Carnes timeline:
  • about 1806 born to Isaac and Mary Massie/Macey Jarrett
  • 1823 Marries Henry Carnes in Clay County (W)Virginia
  • 8 March 1826 Arthur Carnes Henry and Jane Jarrett Carnes oldest child born Clay County (W) Virginia
  • 23 Jan 1828 Carnes Henry and Jane Jarrett Carnes (W) Virginia
  • 15 Dec 1829 Clark Carnes Henry and Jane Jarrett Carnes child born (W) Virginia
  • 23 Sept 1831 John William Carnes Henry and Jane Jarrett Carnes child born Kanawha (W) Virginia
  • 31 Aug 1833 Wilson Carnes Henry and Jane Jarrett Carnes child born (W) Virginia
  • 22 Oct 1835 Isaac Carnes Henry and Jane Jarrett Carnes child born Kanawha (W) Virginia
  • 8 Apr 1842 Squire and Cornelius Carnes Henry and Jane Jarrett Carnes child born Kanawha (W) Virginia
  • 28 Mar 1844 Melvina Carnes Henry and Jane Jarrett Carnes child born (W) Virginia
  • Jane and Henry also had a daughter named Sally
  • 1850 Living in Boone County (W)Virginia
  • 18 Oct 1856 Arthur marries Harriet Pendell
  • 23 Mar 1859 Isaac marries July (Julie) Ann Elswick
  • 1860 Census – have not been able to locate Jane and Henry but Isaac and Arthur are married living in Kanawha County
  •  Between June 1860 and March 1861 Isaacs first wife dies
  • 8 March 1861 Isaac and Catherine Samples marry in Clay County (W) Virginia
  • Abt 1861 Elliot Carnes child of Isaac Carnes could be 1st or 2nd wife
  • 17 Dec 1862 Cornelius marries Rebecca Colter in Clay County VA
  • 8 Feb 1864 Sarah Esterline Carnes child of Isaac and Catherine Samples Carnes born in WV
  • 26 Sept 1864 Squire drafted into 7th WV Calv.
  • Sept 1864 Henry writes his will
  • 5 Dec 1864 Squire deserts army at Kanawha Falls
  • 11 May 1865 Cornelius marries 2nd wife Sara Brickwell
  • 30 March 1865 Octavia Carnes child of Isaac and Catherine Samples Carnes born in Kanawha County WV
  • 8 May 1865 Squire voluntarily surrendered in Charleston
  • 7 June 1865 Squire deserted in Charleston
  • 10 July 1865 Squire on list of men who joined from desertion, Kanawha, Dept of WV
  • 1 August 1865 Squire mustered out
  • Nov 1865 Henry’s will proved
  • Dec 1865 Henry’s will recorded
  • 27 Sep 1867 Virginia Carnes child of Isaac and Catherine Samples Carnes born in Kanawha County WV
  • 1867 August Grasshoppers came to Marshall County and destroyed everything green including green foliage on trees and bushes
  • 1867 Winter - Central Branch, Missouri Pacific Railway completed to Waterville
  • 3 Feb 1868 Squire Carnes marries Julianna Edens
  • 4 August 1868 Clark Carnes buys land at Concordia office -land located in Marshall County
  • 31 August 1868 Isaac buys land in Marshall County
  • 1868 August Grasshoppers re appeared for 3 days but did little damage
  • 10 June 1869 Squire Carnes buys land from Concordia office located in Washington Kansas
  • 1870 Jane, Isaac and Clark living in Waterville, Marshall, Kansas
  • 1871 David Carnes son of Isaac and Catherine Samples Carnes born in Kansas
  • 16 April 1872 Isaac Land Patent Marshall, KS
  • 13 Oct 1873 John William Carnes dies in Boone County WV
  • 1873 Gilbert Carnes son of Isaac and Catherine Samples Carnes born in Kansas
  • 1874 summer – Grasshoppers returned and again destroyed everything green
  • 15 Jan 1875 Squire Land obtained in Washington, KS
  • 30 May 1879 Cyclone much of Marshall destroyed;  Many killed or injured and $150,000.00 of damage to property
  • 16 Oct 1876 Alonzo Carnes son of Isaac and Catherine Samples Carnes born in Clay County WV (according to death record but I think he may have been born in KS)
  • June 1880 Children of Isaac Carnes back in WV living with family 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Civil War

Seeing how it is the 150th anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg this week I thought I’d post a few bits of information of a few of my ancestors that fought in the Civil War. The soldiers listed below were grandsons of Abednego Hodges a Revolutionary War Patriot and my 4th great grandfather. Two died on 3 July 1863 during the battle of Gettysburg and a third went missing. The 24th VA Infantry and the 57th VA Infantry were present at Gettysburg and took part in the infamous 'Pickett's Charge'.

Private Andrew J. Hodges, Co. D 24th VA Infantry
Mustered in at Lynchburg, Virginia 11 July 1861
Died of Typhoid Fever in Manassas, Virginia less than 1 month after his muster date 8 August 1861

Corporal George R. Hodges, Co. D
Mustered in at Lynchburg, Virginia 11 July 1861
Wounded near Williamsburg, 5 May 1862
MIA 3 July 1863 Gettysburg

Other Hodges are found on the muster roll of the 24th Infantry and most likely were part of my family as well because they were living in the same area at the same time.

Other Hodges in the 24th VA Infantry
Hodges, Henry Co. B
Hodges, Henry H. Co. B
Hodges, Jacob Co. B
Hodges, Josiah Co. D
Hodges, Richard D. Co. D
Hodges, Sanford R. Co. K 

 My 3rd Great grandfather, David Richards and his wife Mary Hodges had several sons who served.  Andrew and George Hodges listed above were Mary’s nephews and 1st cousins of the Richards listed below.

Private King David Richards, Co. C 57th VA Inf
Mustered in at Norfolk, Virginia 17 April 1862
Killed in Action Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 3 July 1863

Private Josiah Richards, Co A 57th VA Inf
Enlisted Norfolk, Virginia 17 April 1862
Sick in Winchester 30 October 1862
Died in Staunton, Virginia of an unknown disease01 Nov 1862

Corporal Powhatan Richards Co G 57th VA Inf
Enlisted 13 July 1861, Snydersville, Franklin Virginia; Co E Keen's Batt’n Lt Infantry
Discharged 5 Sept 1862 because he was over age 35

Private Bruce W. Richards, Co G 57th VA Inf
Enlisted 20 July 1861, Snydersville, Franklin Virginia; Co E, Keen's Batt'n Lt. Infantry
30 Aug 1863 Muster roll shows he was absent, sick in Lynchburg since 9 Aug

Private Shadrack Richards, Co A 57th VA Inf
Enlisted 17 April 1862, Norfolk, Virginia but was discharged 24 May 1862 because of a motion made 10 March 1862 that placed an age limit for service at 35, Shadrack was 38.

Other Richards in VA 57th Inf were:
Eli Richards
Anderson Richards