Saturday, July 13, 2013

Where did Jane go...!!!!

I finally broke down and ordered the death record for the Jane Carnes that died in Indiana. That should be here sometime next week. I don’t have high hopes because I know that it may not contain enough info to be sure that it is my Jane.  In the mean time I have been looking for her kin that lived in Indiana.  I wish I could remember where/when I heard that little nugget of information, but I just can’t. Anyway, while looking I did find the following about Vincent Jarrett, Jane’s uncle:

Vincent Jarrett came here in 1878. He was a native of Virginia and the father of thirteen children, all living at the present time. He was active in church work and being a fine singer, he added much to the interest of meetings which he usually attended. He died nine years ago, but his widow still survives.  (Michigan Pioneer and Historical Society. (1902). Historical collections Vol XXXI. Lansing, Michigan: Wynkoop Hallenbeck Crawford Co. Pg 145; Goggle eBooks)

Nothing to do with Jane but it was kinda cool to learn that someone in my family could sing! 

Before moving to Michigan Vincent  lived in Wills, La Porte, Indiana. Wills, IN is about 185 miles from Greencastle where Indiana Jane died in 1889 about 2 years after Vincent died in Michigan. Vincent was in Michigan by 1880 but maybe he had children that married and settled in Indiana. I need to continue looking…. I got a little sidetracked, imagine that, when I discovered that one of Vincent’s daughters (Ada) died in Los Angeles, California, cool... I probably have cousins in LA!

The search for Jane continues….

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