Friday, September 6, 2013

Taking another look at the Taylors

Well, back to school time came early this year. Teachers returned on August 8th!!! Way too early and it has been obvious around the school house. No one was ready to return and I think we are just now realizing that school is in session and things are getting back on track! Anyway…. Once again my job is getting in the way of family history time!

My copy of “Jackson County Past and Present” finally arrived in the mail a week or so ago. I had placed my order back in late May or early June so I had just about given up hope until... surprise! ... Dave found it waiting on the porch one afternoon! Flipping through the pages rekindled my interest in my Jackson County WV roots, namely my Taylor family line. Tracing my Taylors is much like tracing a ‘Smith’ or ‘Brown’….  

My Granddaddy Taylor’s family is ‘stalled’ with Thomas Taylor b. abt 1793 in VA and died in 1866 in Saltville VA. I descend through his son Charles W. >>> William James >>> Omer Martin >>>Donald Lee >>> then me. I have proof of the line through Charles W but the fact that Charles’s father was Thomas Ewing Taylor was acquired from a distant cousin. I seem to be spinning my wheels as far as this line goes so I decided it was time to take the advice of every experienced genealogist, “start with what you know and gather every bit of information you can before moving on to the next generation” So… it is time for me to go back and fill in all the gaps starting with Granddaddy’s siblings and then his aunts and uncles.

My first objective is to answer two burning questions:
1. What happened to Franklin Taylor (paternal great grand uncle)?
2. Who the heck is Andrew Taylor (appears to be a paternal grand uncle)?

This past week I've been filling in some blanks in Granddaddy’s family. He was the baby of 15 and I didn’t have birth/death dates for all or I didn’t have documentation proving the dates that I had. Grandmother Taylor wrote out birthdates for all of Granddaddy’s siblings (The woman had one heck of a memory!).

Children of William J. and Lucinda Westfall Taylor’s children:

Amanda Jane
11 May 1876
Roane, WV
5 Mar 1925
Longacre, Fayette, WV
(visiting brother ‘Ned’)
Luther Melancthon Hatcher
Jackson ,WV
23 March 1878
Roane,, WV
2 Feb 1969
Charleston, Kanawha, WV
Rachel Minerva Cobb
14 Nov 1897
Roane, WV
27 Apr 1879
Roane,, WV
16 Jan 1939
Belgrove, Jackson, WV
Mary Carpenter
18 Dec 1898
Roane, WV
4 July 1880
Roane, WV
6 Aug 1956
Kanawha, WV
Icie Carpenter
13 May 1906
Roane, WV
4 Feb 1883
Jackson, WV
4 Jan 1969
Charleston, Kanawha, WV
William Alonzo Doughty
17 Nov 1909
Jackson, WV
Mary E Taylor
Dec 1884
Jackson WV

Francis Marion
3 Feb 1886
Jackson, WV
14 Jun 1980
Orlando, Orange, FL
Beulah Dallas Fields
25 Sept 1910
Roane, WV
Henry Clay
10 May 1889
Jackson, WV
6 Oct 1964
Kanawha, WV
Ada Whited
29 Nov 1914
Jackson, WV
Cora Ann
18 Oct 1890
Jackson, WV
22 Mar 1970
Charleston, Kanawha, WV
Holly Azetta Cobb
22 Oct 1911
Jackson, WV
John Perry
30 Dec 1894
Jackson, WV
17 Jan 1972
Charleston, Kanawha, WV
Carrie Carpenter
10 Aug 1913
Jackson, WV
Icie Ivy
1 May 1896
Jackson, WV
6 Sept 1982
Charleston, Kanawha, WV

Orlie Annis
10 Aug 1897
Belgrove, Jackson, WV
25 Mar 1987
Charleston, Kanawha, WV
Benjamin Coy Cobb
28 Feb 1918
Jackson, WV
Corda Elva
19 Feb 1899
Belgrove, Jackson, WV
4 Sept 1994
Deltona, Volusia, FL
Mark Whited
4 Mar 1902
25 Jun 1989

Omer Martin
20 Sept 1904
Belgrove, Jackson, WV
21 Dec 1994
Charleston, Kanawha, WV
Reva Opal Cobb
11 Aug 1926
Charleston, Kanawha, WV

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