Saturday, August 3, 2013

More thoughts on Carnes in Kansas

I have been thinking more about why Jane and her sons came to Kansas...I have a hunch that the new railroad had something to do with Jane and her sons moving to Marshall County. The Central Branch of the Union Pacific was completed about 1870 and ended in Waterville. From what I have read there was a lot of advertising about Kansas and all of the opportunities. Plus, there was the Homestead Act. It's like they got on the train and rode as far as they could, haha. Another factor may have been the aftermath of the Civil War. I know they fought for the Union but if I remember correctly they were drafted. Jane's father owned a very large plantation near Lewisburg so I wonder if the family really supported the Union. If they were Southern Sympathizers life would not have been fun in WV following the Civil War. Of course that just my thoughts... no way to prove such a theory.
I would also love to know why they left KS. I know life was not easy but I don't think that it was all that easy in WV at that time either. Jane had other children and grandchildren in Charleston, maybe she missed them and wanted to go home. I think one son died while she was in KS. It is possible that Jane died in KS and I just haven't found any record. Maybe they just wanted to move on to somewhere else... Goodness knows how those Carnes like to move around and travel.

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