Thursday, June 20, 2013

Jane Jarrett Carnes

Happy 150th Birthday West Virginia! Anyone who knows me knows how I love my home state. I have learned to like my small town in Kansas, but West Virginia always will be my home. My family was in WV long before it was a state and most of my family is still in WV. I do have a few ancestors that left and settled elsewhere. These folks are mostly on mom’s side. Jane Jarrett Carnes, my 3rd great grandmother, is one of those ancestors.

Jane Jarrett was the daughter of Isaac Jarrett (1770-1859) and granddaughter of James Jarrett (1750-1822). She was born around 1806 in (West) Virginia. She married Henry Carnes in Clay County (West) Virginia around 1823. She was living in Boone County (West) Virginia in 1850. I have not been able to find Jane and Henry in the 1860 census but they were living in Clay County (West) Virginia when Henry died between 2 Sept 1864 when his will was written and 28 Nov 1865 when the will was proved. (WV Will Books, 1756-1991; Clay County, V. 001, pg 5, 6, 7).

I was quite surprised to find Jane Jarrett Carnes living in Waterville, Marshall, Kansas on the 1870 census! She is actually counted twice.

1870 Census -Waterville, Marshall, Kansas; enumerated on 15 July 1870 by W.A. Smith
Pg. 13 family dwelling: 112 & family #113

Carnes, Clark       39   Virginia
             Virginia    28   Virginia
             Jane         64   Virginia
 Hall, Caroline       22   Virginia

1870 Census -Waterville, Marshall, Kansas; enumerated on 20 July 1870 by W.A. Smith
Pg. 28 family dwelling: 216 & family #220

Carnes, Jane            65    Virginia
             Isaac           32    Virginia
             Catherine     24    Virginia
             Ellett            09    Virginia
             Estelline       06    Virginia
             Octavia        04    Virginia
             Virginia        02    Virginia

I assume that Jane, Isaac and Clark all came to Kansas at the same time. Birth records for Virginia Carnes show she was born in Kanawha County 27 Sep 1867

Isaac Carnes Marshall County Kansas Land Record
Clark Carnes Marshall County, Kansas Land Record

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